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Your Trusted Source for Fresh, Premium Meats

Al Raziq Meats & Food is a premium service provider and exporter of the high-quality beef, mutton and its products for the International retail, commercial and food service market. We use the latest technology and production techniques that ensure that the nutritional value, taste and hygiene is well-maintained. By implementing HACCP and ISO standards, we are able to support our quality management processes for the utmost satisfaction of our international customers. Our highly skilled professionals manage and oversee the Slaughtering, Packaging, Blast Freezing, Chilling, Frozen Storage, Cutting and Deboning processes.


Quality Control

We are dedicated to production integrity on every level, and committed to delivering the highest quality proteins from the farm to the fork. Our facility has been inspected and certified by the PFA. It receives random checks to ensure that cleanliness and safety remain our chief priorities. We test every facet of our products and processes to ensure safety and cleanliness.

You Are What You Eat: Quality You Can Taste.

Our meat is selected for testing at random by our quality control manager to ensure that only the highest.

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